They say it takes a village to raise a child and whoever ‘they’ are, as a father of two under two, I can assure you that I wish I had two village loads on hand sometimes.

The same theory applies to The Good Xmas Trail, a venture of a rather different nature, raised and nurtured by a family of partners without whom this baby simply wouldn’t have taken off.

What a ride it’s been, I mean is. Now into our second year, and going great guns, it’s all feeling a bit more double down, than terrible twos.

Things have changed considerably in the last 12 months. We dug out heaps of feedback from our inaugural participants, some good, some not so good. We took it on board, we twisted, we turned, we took the plunge. So here we are again and we’re rather grateful that we’re in such great company.

The thing about jumping in though, is that it’s really not that fun to do alone; which is why were just plain buoyed to be part of a growing team of partners supporting each other and bringing their own brand or brilliance to the table, one by one.

The Good Xmas Trail logo banner

Speaking of brands, no one does it like those Kiwi sisters of ours. They’ve been 100% Pure brand since they came up with that very positioning, and they’ve brought every ounce of purity and clarity to this year’s campaign. Its pretty good, eh. Chur fellas.

Yet even the clearest, most compelling brand in the world falls absolutely flat as a pancake, and I normally like them, if not brought to life in quite the right way. They need to shine, they need to be activated, they need to beat and pulse and grow.

Enter the hairy stonecutters themselves, carving the brand into the digital landscape, working it, ever so carefully, into the web. Our pals downstairs at Flint, and they are, quite literally, downstairs, are making things happen and are doing us all proud. It’s a great looking site that’s bubbling away and we think you’re going to love the experience.

Flint Team

The only way you’re going to love it, though, is if you find out about it. It’s all well and good to have a focus, but without momentum, that focus won’t get very far. Momentum building, turning the flywheel, is incredibly hard. So we’re incredibly grateful to have the effervescent, driven, dynamo that is Cassandra Carbone sitting alongside us. She’s got Everyday Goodness coursing through her veins.

Cass smiling

Along the path, we’ve been lucky enough to receive both encouragement and the occasional steer from the real treasure Traders, and now look where we are; talking to you, building something very special with you, leaving a trail of good with you.

Yet this whole thing is nothing without the incredible social enterprises that make the brand, the web, the campaign, everything.. just shine. It’s them, you, the tiny and not so tiny organisations of purpose-driven passionados (that’s like, um, aficionados of passion.. I just made it up) that make The Good Xmas Trail what it is. Incredibly very Good.

And the best bit about all this, what we’re really loving most of all?  It’s that our team just keeps growing; with every amazing social enterprise that comes on board this tribe of humble villagers just gets stronger.

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