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It started with a crepe. It was September 2015 and a news article caught our eye. It was about a couple of young Melbourne fellas selling crepes from a van and giving 100% of their profits to help eradicate youth homelessness. And for us, it sparked an idea.

How about we visit a bunch of these Good Businesses for our Christmas party? The problem was, we didn’t know where to find them, or any information about them. We were sure they existed, but who did what and why, and where were they?

Goodsmiths emerged from the desire to solve this problem. Christmas was just around the corner. We knew there were lots of quality ethical options out there, but how could we help people find, learn about and choose from some these super-inspiring businesses for their Christmas events and gifts?

By simplifying the process of finding quality, ethical options at a time we’d be spending on all sorts of ‘stuff’ here was a way to create a big pile of positive change.

Slowly but surely, it worked. So when Christmas approached in 2016, we did it again; this time with 45 social enterprises doing amazing things, selling inspiring gifts and experiences all with a common purpose. They were all driven by a desire to make a lasting difference. 


We quickly learnt that generating a community benefit, doing good, wasn’t a once a year thing. The impetus to buy ethically, responsibly and in a way that celebrates who we are as individuals, isn’t limited to Christmas, or even just to the occasions we have something, or someone, to celebrate.

And so, Goodsmiths emerged – as the home of responsible, sustainable and ethical goods.

The simple principle being, as everyday consumers, we want to enjoy great products and services, and we want them to have a positive impact on our society.

The crafters, creators and shapers of Good, they’re Goodsmiths.  But they can’t exist without the demanders, buyers and consumers of Good. Buying, making, selling or baking, we all have the opportunity to contribute to also make the world a better place. And when we do that, that’s being a Goodsmith.

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