This Christmas, B Corp Australia urges us to look deeper into the products we buy, and pick up our gifts from Good businesses.

They have created a shopping list of delightful options, including three wonderful Goodsmiths. You can check out a list of B Corps gifts here. All the businesses mentioned have undergone a rigorous assessment before becoming accredited. Find out more below about three of these Good businesses that are both social enterprises and B Corps, and Goodsmiths to boot!

Give the gift of an inspiring read

B Corp gifts Dumbo Feather magazine

Never underestimate the power of storytelling. It’s capable of bringing people together, of moving us, of inspiring us. Dumbo Feather is the sort of magazine and podcast that does just that. A gift subscription will give glimpses into the lives of extraordinary people who create and provoke, and help us realise that we all can make a difference, in our own ways, whether big or small.

Fair trade coffee transforming lives

B Corp gifts Monochrome Coffee at Flinders St

Monochrome Coffee Co. are the best type of coffee snob – they really care that every cup creates an impact beyond being just a caffeine hit.

Out to empower people to change the world, the profits from their fair-trade, organic beans fund educational programs in Tanzania, enabling kids to live extraordinary lives and grow to be leaders in their communities.

B Corp gifts from the fair trade fashion pioneers

B Corp gifts Etiko shoes in trolley

Etiko wants you to wear no evil.

Organic, eco friendly and ethical fashion is accessible to all of us, thanks to Etiko’s quality range of relaxed, casual clothing and accessories.

At the forefront of fair trade fashion in Australia, Etiko has the largest product range in the country, including sneakers, hoodies, thongs, underwear and more. Get some basics as stocking fillers or some natural rubber thongs, perfect for a summer by the beach.

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