It started with a crepe.

It was September 2015. A story in The Age about a couple of guys donating all of their profits to combat homelessness by selling crepes from a van had caught our attention.

It sparked a thought.

Let’s find more of these good businesses and plan a good old-fashioned Christmas party crawl (just with less alcohol). But we had a problem; while we knew they existed, we didn’t know how to find them.

If this was a problem for us, it had to be for others too.

So we launched The Good Xmas Trail, a website to help consumers find some of Melbourne’s most inspiring social enterprises for Christmas parties and gifts.

The idea caught on, and so too did our realisation that people are hungry to discover and find information about consuming more conscientiously. Yet, just like the sweetest of puppies, this isn’t just for Christmas.

Everyone we spoke to wanted similar things: Simple ways to be a responsible consumer, ideas, a steer in the right direction on how to do what they considered to be ‘the right thing’ and, at the end of the day, to feel good about their choices. They wanted to find quality, ethical options, products and services which, little by little, create a big pile of positive change, that do good.

Whichever way we viewed it, it was clear to us that people wanted to know how to take the next step on the journey towards being a more conscious consumer. And this was happening just as a growing list of inspiring businesses were emerging, seeking specific support to market reach more customers and grow.

So, from these humble beginnings, Goodsmiths evolved to where it is now. And, while we’re now also helping the many Good Businesses that you’ll find here to expand their reach, we’re as committed as ever to showing the world what it means to be a Goodsmith: To make a difference simply by consuming a bit differently.

And we’re thrilled you’re here, wherever you might be on your conscious consumption journey, forging your own way as a Goodsmith.