Goodsmiths was born from a simple idea: What if the things we bought also left a positive impact on the society and environment around us?

We’re here to help conscientious and discerning people who know that their purchasing decisions can really count for something more.

When browsing through Goodsmiths, you’ll find businesses with carefully crafted product ranges and services.

All the while, they’re giving back to community, society or environment and making a difference in the world.

You might see some familiar names amongst our featured social enterprises, or discover something new which contributes to a cause you’re passionate about. We’re always on the lookout for inspiring social enterprises and adding to the community of Goodsmiths. So, take a look around and we hope you find something just right for you.

Thank you for joining us; whether you’re a buyer, recommender, crafter or seller you are officially a Goodsmith!