Let’s do some good every day at work.

For many of us, our colleagues are the people who we spend the most time with.

That means that our workplaces are where we can make a big difference each and every day.

No one company is the same with a mix of personalities, but we’ve still got a few basic things in common. We all need a bit of love and respect from people we surround ourselves with.

In a world that can be cold, let’s warm it up with some genuine care for the people we spend most of our working life with.

  1. Take a moment to check in. When we’re busy, our emails and calls can become short. Don’t underestimate the power of genuinely asking how someone’s day is going and listening to the answer before launching into what you want from them.
  2. Be friendly first, and your role second. Whether you’re the manager, CEO or the new person doing some filing, if you are walking the halls, everyone’s on the same level. Keep it friendly. Smile, say hello, or pay someone a compliment. You’ll become someone that people like to be around and your job will become easier, whatever your position is.
  3. Keep your employees comfortable. Air-conditioning and heating are a hot topic in almost every workplace. If there isn’t a consistent temperature for people to dress accordingly to within the whole office, try seating people in the spots that suit their body temperature. If your office won’t support it, why not offer to swap seats with someone who is clearly in the wrong position? They’ll be forever grateful as they avoid over-heating/frost bite each day.
  4. Get to know your co-workers better. When we’re in a work environment it can be tricky to judge someone’s interest without at least a quick chat. Every so often, make an effort to get to know someone new or someone you only say hello to. Your new best office buddy could be waiting for you to introduce yourself and you’d never have known if you didn’t say hello.
  5. Respect everyone’s differences. Is someone visibly uncomfortable with your office music choice? Make an effort to find a happy medium that everyone is comfortable with or at least tolerates. If your office is too varied, share the DJ task around. It’ll give you more variety in what you hear, and everyone feels equal… and no one ends up stuck listening to the heavy metal, or country music station 5 days a week.

Every day we walk into an office surrounded by people. There’s so much good that can be done that makes everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

As you spread more good, watch it be returned back to you in true karmic style. This probably isn’t your main motivator, but a little bit of good returned is a nice incentive to ease the Sunday evening work blues.

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