Covid Changes Everything

As the haze of the pandemic lifts, one thing is clear: we simply cannot go back to how things were.

Since 2017 Goodsmiths has been building awareness of Australian social enterprises, helping them reach more conscientious consumers and sell ethical products and services.

The website and marketing platform is now home to 150 enterprises, promoted with marketing and media campaigns.  

While consumers loved being able to find these ethical businesses and products, and the social enterprises enjoyed free promotion, we were doing the work for zero return and this couldn’t last.  

With no revenue or financial support, Goodsmiths would never be commercially viable or financially sustainable. 

Time to reinvent

Our intention is to get the support required to develop a sustainable model that serves us all: the social enterprises, the consumers, and the team toiling behind the scenes

We’d love to keep this going, to build on the incredible efforts of our first 150 social enterprises and support the development of our social sector but we can’t do it alone. 

Bear with us. Together we’ll get there. 

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Please feel free to contact us; we’re always up for a good story, a prickly question or a fat wad of cash to put to good use.  

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