Goodsmiths was born from a simple idea: we all love having a good time with the ones we care about. So, what if these same moments could be even more meaningful by also helping others?

We’re here to bring together social enterprises and conscientious, discerning people who know that their purchasing decisions can really count for something more. More than just another present, just another meal, or waving goodbye to just another year. All the businesses you find here are driven by a deeper, more meaningful purpose than profit for profit’s sake.

These businesses exist to fulfil a social purpose and, by buying from them, you’re supporting their cause and helping make a positive difference in the world.

It could be beer dedicated to saving the Great Barrier Reef. Or, toys that offer marginalised women independence. Or, a morning tea which combats unemployment. When you spend money with any of these organisations, it actually matters.

Every business that you’ll find here, through the work they do, makes a huge difference in someone else’s life, or to the environment we all rely on, everyday.

As a Goodsmith you create social impact. You generate and contribute to a wider community benefit. Whether you are buying, selling or even just telling your friends about us, you are contributing to a social purpose and making a difference.

Join us, and be a Goodsmith.