With so many of us fortunate enough to be enjoying the festive period and buying gifts for loved ones, wouldn’t it be great if our decisions and actions could help those for whom Christmas isn’t such a positive time?

The Good Xmas Trail was born of a simple idea: If more people knew about, could find, and buy from some of our most inspiring social enterprises then, together, we could create a big pile of positive change. By encouraging a slight shift in thinking towards these ethical businesses we might, in turn, generate a powerful change in behaviour.

Social enterprises are just like any other business, except the goods and services they sell generate a significant community or environmental benefit.

When you buy from a social enterprise you’re contributing directly to that benefit. When you spend money with these organisations, it actually matters.

So, with Christmas spending and celebrations in mind, we’ve pulled together a group of Australia’s finest social enterprises to satisfy your Christmas needs and make a difference at the same time.

You’ll find over 45 hospitality and gift businesses, offering great products and services, that exist to generate more good in our community. By buying from them you’ll be supporting their social mission and helping make a positive difference in the world.

Every business that you’ll find here, through the work they do, makes a huge difference in someone else’s life, or to the environment we all rely on, everyday.

There are cafes, caterers and restaurants creating fabulous fare and delightful treats, while actively supporting worthy causes. We’ve got options for presents and gifts that help create brighter futures for so many who struggle to make ends meet, live rough on the streets or suffer from debilitating illness.

Visit them, buy from them and support them. This is the easiest way to do Good and have a great time this Christmas.